Keep Knitting & Stitching – it’s The Doctor’s Orders!

When I found out that Colin Baker – aka The Sixth Doctor – was appearing at Spaceport yesterday, my mind was racing.  After getting the monsters to knit recently, I wondered if I dared to ask The Doctor…….


I have no restraint; I couldn’t resist!  Luckily, Mr. Baker was a good sport and such a pleasure to meet.  He told me to keep knitting & stitching, so that’s just what I’m going to do!  Thank you Mr. Baker, you really made my day! 🙂


Full credit and utmost respect to the team from Hyde Fundraisers who were in attendance.  Despite the sweltering heat they still donned their costumes and took time to engage with all of the children (and the adults!) and provided lots of photo opportunities.  They are amazing!





Doctor Who & Knitting – Things that me make go squee!

This weekend saw the unveiling of the Time Travellers Exhibition at Spaceport, with costume characters appearing to celebrate the launch.  If there’s two places guaranteed to bring out the inner squee in me, it’s yarn shops and Doctor Who exhibitions with live character appearances.  So off we went.

My hubby, being unusually observant, noticed that I had my knitting bag with me.  “Oh, you’re not bringing your knitting are you?” he groaned.  “Right I am,” I replied, “because if there’s a Cyberman or a Sontaran there, I’m gonna get them to knit!”  He just raised his eyebrows at me and shook his head a little.  I guess he was wondering if I was being serious or not, and probably hoping I wouldn’t get an opportunity.

I was squeeing loudly delighted when the first monster I saw was a Cyberman, and my son, finding the thought of a Cyberman knitting as hilarious as I was, promptly asked him to pose with the knitting needles!

Our next victim willing participant was the Sontaran.


The Pig Slave was very enthusiastic, and full of mischief too!


The Silurian Leader didn’t seem too sure what to make of these Ape inventions…


The Time Travellers Exhibition is being run in association with Hyde Fundraisers who provide costumes and props (as well as an immense amount of time, energy and patience) to raise funds for various charities.  They truly are an amazing bunch.

By the way, isn’t this just The Best Super Lambanana Ever!?!