Amigurumi Mr Drippy

Mr Drippy 01

This odd looking creature – Mr Drippy – is a character in the video game Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch, one of my son’s favourite games.  The character has a Welsh accent that my son tries to imitate, he’s so cute and funny!  My son that is, though I’m sure many think Mr Drippy is cute too 🙂

Mr Drippy 02

The pattern is from Kitten’s Craft Blog, Linky.

Mr Drippy 03

I enjoy making knitted and crocheted toys, but I’m always nervous about embroidering the facial features.  One good trick I’ve learned over time is to view the toy in a mirror when placing the eyes, or anything else really that you want to be symmetrical.  It’s weird but it works!  Even with this though, I’m never completely happy with the finished result…  How about you, is there anything in the final touches stage of your crafts that you dislike?

7 thoughts on “Amigurumi Mr Drippy

    • Thank you for your kind words Jackie, they’re always welcome 😀
      I know what you mean about the limbs, even when I tack them in place with pins they manage to move about whilst I’m sewing them! I doubt whether other people would even notice slight differences, but I have, have, have to get it as symmetrical as possible!

      • So true, me too! They must match, even though no one else would ever think to notice… Oh those obnoxious limbs—even with all the pins/markers 😉 And thank YOU for always having a kind word for me ❤

  1. I am never happy with the amount of toy stuffing I put in- is it too little or too much. Great idea about the mirror for eyes. Thanks. Oh and Mr Drippy looks great!

    • Thanks Cathy! 🙂 Yeah, stuffing can be really tricky to gauge, my first couple of toys were far too floppy. One or two have been overfilled too… I don’t think there’s any hard rules either, it all depends on what the toy is, whether you want it soft or firm, the density of the stuffing, etc… I bought my current lot of stuffing (which I’m very happy with) from an ebay seller who no longer sells. I’m dreading seeking out an alternative when it runs out!!

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