Firstly, please accept my apologies if you have had multiple notifications that I am now ‘following’ you. Apparently my youngest son thought it would be very funny to click follow/unfollow on many of the blogs I read. I think I’ve lost quite a few people I was following, but hopefully I’ll find them again soon. Lesson learned – don’t leave the computer unattended when logged in :-/

Anyway, about my recent lack of posts… Well I haven’t had much to post about. My crochet class is going very well and I’m really loving it, but I have little to show for it in the way of projects.  I did make a couple of pieces of amigurumi, but so far have failed to photograph them.  My knitting has been totally neglected, with about five different baby jackets in various states of UnFinishedNess.  There have been lots of Whole Days when I haven’t even fondled a ball of yarn, never mind try to manipulate it in to an actual item with needles or hooks!  I have Finished Objects from the past year that I saved for blogging about for quiet periods like this, but each time I open WordPress and click New Post, my fingers freeze.  I’m surprised I’ve got this far today!

What is up with me?!?  Is it the recent warm weather in the UK?  Is it the bug we (my family) all had a couple of weeks ago?  Is it crafting/writing block?  Or is it just Lazyitis?  I don’t know, I just hope it passes soon!

In the meantime, here is a little project I completed whilst I was supposed to be finishing my son’s sweater.  It was for my Mum’s neighbour, who hadn’t told anyone she was pregnant, and is so super slim that none of us noticed!  So I forgave myself for deviating from the sweater!  It is made with Sirdar Snuggly Snowflake – I love how this yarn produces a very soft and snuggly fleece.


Hope your creations are coming along better than mine 🙂