Sweater update and Shaun the Sheep!

Well, the sweater is coming along, albeit slowly… The front and back pieces are done, but the sleeves seem to be taking an age.  I tried to convince my son that sleeveless sweaters are so much ‘cooler’ but he was not convinced… 😦  🙂  Doesn’t help that I cast on another project, oops!  Though in fairness, it is because of an unexpected birth, not because my resolve broke… Honest!  More about that later though 🙂

Since I like to add pictures to my posts, and don’t have any of my current progress, I’ve decided to add a little about Shaun the Sheep.  He was made for a friend’s birthday, a lovely lady who has a little obsession for Shaun the Sheep!  He’s proved very popular – I was asked to make another so she could give it as a Christmas gift and I have another two ‘orders’ in my queue.  My first ever commisioned works!

I had hoped to photograph him outdoors, but the British weather wasn’t playing ball… And since I was in a hurry, well…


I did my best!

I was a bit nervous handing over a knitted gift, since this lady has been knitting for DECADES and is truly skilled.  I needn’t have worried though, she was delighted… And so was I when she gave me a very large bag of yarn leftovers to use in my toymaking!  See, I said she was lovely!


A slow start to 2013

I didn’t make any firm resolutions for the new year.  I know from past experience that I am just no good at keeping them up.  For me, change is a gradual thing – I can’t change basic personality traits (and weaknesses) overnight, I need to work at them.  The closest I got to making resolutions for this year were in regards to my knitting.  A wish not to buy more yarn until I needed it, and a wish not to cast on something new until I had finished any WIPs.  I only have one WIP (that I’m aware of!) so it shouldn’t be that difficult really …


I have already bought two lots of yarn, though one of them I do actually need – discontinued Patons Velvet DK in white, for some Shaun The Sheep toys I’ve been asked to make!

I’m just about resisting not casting on anything new, it’s really hard though.  My WIP is a sweater for my youngest son.  He’s quite big for his age so the sweater is quite large.  And it’s going soooo slow!  It’s not a hard pattern by any means.  It’s actually quite good for times when you want something you don’t have to concentrate so hard on, yet with a simple two-stitch cable to stop it being completely mind-numbing.

My difficulty, I think, is with the size of it.  I’ve been so used to making baby garments and small toys.  Rarely did an item take more than a week to complete.  Yet this sweater has been on the needles since October 2012!  It’s become one of those projects that you just keep putting off … I had really hoped to complete it for Christmas 2012, but obviously I failed!

Now my son has set me a deadline – if it’s not finished by the end of January I should pay a forfeit!  At the moment, a forfeit doesn’t seem so bad … :O

If I don’t get a wiggle on, my son won’t get any use from the sweater – winter will be over and he’ll grow too big for it for next winter.  Maybe posting updates on here will give me the kick-start I need to get to work on it?  Who knows … Right now I am much preferring to spend many hours on WordPress reading what other people are up to and admiring their wonderful creations …



Happy New Year!

Happy New Year All … Here’s wishing you all the very best of luck, happiness and good health for 2013!

It’s been a while since I updated this blog – apologies!  Though I had to keep my projects secret since they were Christmas gifts…  Which I got done in the nick of time, phew!  Hope everybody else finished their projects in time 🙂

My eldest son asked for a laptop this Christmas, I couldn’t resist………..!!!